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Clinical Excellence

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The Medicaid Outreach Program

Through a grant with The Department of Social Services, there are Outreach Eligibility Workers (OEWs) at each CHC in the state. The purpose of this program is to improve access to health services for families and children eligible for Medicaid assistance. The ultimate goal of these outreach workers is to increase the identification of eligible families with children and get them enrolled in the HUSKY program.

OEWs help clients at health centers enroll in the HUSKY program. They also provide referrals to other services a client may need, like food or housing assistance. CPCA provides educational training for OEWs on chronic disease, preventive health, maternal and child health, health literacy, cultural sensitivity, communication skills, and outreach strategies to target populations.  OEWs participate in local health fairs, health initiatives such as flu or immunization clinics, and other community events. Many of the OEWs are bilingual and have cultivated acceptance and trust within their local communities, allowing them to outreach special populations.

Community Health Center OEW Contacts:

Bridgeport Community Health Center,
Stratford Location

Karen Morton


Charter Oak Health Center
Cherese Tucker


Community Health Center, Inc.
Sue Greeno


Community Health Services
Marcolina Garcia

East Hartford Community Health Center
Anthony Cuevas

Fair Haven Community Health Center
Victoria Restrepo

<> Generations Family Health Center
Melissa Bonsall


Hill Health Center
Jean Castillo

Norwalk Community Health Center
Larry Cross


Southwest Community Health Center
Elba Degro

StayWell Health Center
Ruth Suarez

United Community & Family Services
Mary Webb