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A Brief History of Community Health Centers

Connecticut's community health centers were first established in the 1960s to meet the health needs of those with little, or no ability to pay for medical care. The founders saw quality, personalized medical care as a right of all people and established a policy that no patient would be turned away. Since their inception, health centers have evolved in number, size, and scope of services, and are leaders in the delivery of quality care to Connecticut’s communities.

Most of CPCA’s 12 member centers now operate satellite offices in addition to their main locations. Currently, community health centers operate from more than 50 different sites throughout the state and are one of Connecticut’s largest health care systems. More than half a million visits are made to Connecticut community health centers each year by people from over 140 towns and cities in our state. Community health centers are easily accessible and affordable health care providers that offer comprehensive, family-oriented, culturally competent medical, dental and social services to the people who need them. Every day community health centers throughout Connecticut act as first responders to prevent and address medical and social issues before they reach an acute or chronic level.

The state’s community health centers are federally mandated. But state funding and private donations are critical to ensuring that Connecticut’s community health centers remain viable and accessible to all those who need them. With the numbers of uninsured people rising, more Connecticut residents than ever before will be turning to community health centers to meet their family’s medical, dental and social service needs.

<>Member centers operate satellite offices in addition to their main locations.