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Scope of Services

Community health centers are the front-line of primary health care, from full-service clinics to school-based services to programs for migrant workers and the homeless. Teams of interdisciplinary health care professionals, including primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, physician assistants, dentists, dental hygienists and mental health professionals, all work together in community health care centers to ensure that patients receive attentive and quality care.

Community health centers help patients gain access to programs that make their lives easier. Health center staff match patients with programs such as the HUSKY Plan, Medicaid and WIC and work with them through the application process. Medical and personal issues are sensitive in nature and for many, it is difficult to trust a medical professional. It is the one-on-one, personal interactions and relationships patients build with professionals and staff that distinguish community health centers from other facilities where staff are rotated frequently. The scope of services community health centers provide also goes well beyond traditional medical services. Comprehensive support services include:


12-step programs

<> > Homeless support services
> AIDS family social services   > Immunizations
> Asthma treatment   > Mental health counseling
> Breast-feeding classes   > Migrant healthcare
> Cancer, health screenings   > Neonatal home visits
> Case management   > Nutrition counseling
> Childbirth classes   > Nutritional assessment
> Dental services   > Pharmacological screening
> Diabetes management   > Prenatal care
> Domestic violence prevention   > Primary care
> Early education supports   > School-based clinics
> Family planning   > Senior abuse screening
> Flu clinics   > Substance abuse counseling
> HIV education/ prevention   > Substance abuse referrals