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Community health centers offer one-stop shopping for patients’ health care services, whether the need is medical, dental or psychosocial. In 2002, one in every 22 Connecticut residents, a total of 161,408 people, received their health services at community health centers. Almost a third of those patients, 54,000 people, were uninsured. Many were from working families whose jobs either did not offer health coverage, or, if they did, the employee’s share of the premiums was unaffordable.

Health center patients encompass all races, ages and walks of life. Nearly one-third of the health center patients are women, age 25-44. Another third of the patients are children. The number of patients seen by community health centers has been steadily increasing; in 2002 Connecticut’s health centers served 18,800 more people than in 2001. Working families are increasingly at risk of becoming uninsured; in the future, more Connecticut residents will be turning to community health centers for their care.

The convenience and accessibility of community health care centers that are located in or near the neighborhoods where many of their patients reside make them a preferred and often necessary option.

Connecticut Community Health Care Centers
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