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List of Community Health Centers

StayWell Health Center, Inc.

Staywell Health Center, Inc.232 North Elm Street
Waterbury, CT 06702
phone 203.756.8021
fax 203.596.9038
Executive Director - Donald Thompson

StayWell Health Center was established in 1972 to serve the City of Waterbury, and in 1994 separated from the city and became an independent organization. Operating in the heart of Waterbury, StayWell Health Center serves a community that has a 30% poverty rate and significant health care issues.

At StayWell, an internal medicine physician, pediatrician, infectious disease physician, nurse-midwife, nurse-praititioner and dental hygienist provide primary care to more than 4,100 patients. From prenatal though all of the life cycles, including elderly, StayWell has brought health care to indicviduals who previously did not have access to primary care.

At StayWell Health Center, the patient population is 28% Black or African-American, 47% Hispanic or Latino, 25% White, other.

In addition to primary care, StayWell Health Center offers a unique Centering Pregnancy Program and makes preventive care and wellness a priority for its patients.

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