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Welcome to Connecticut Primary Care Association

The Connecticut Primary Care Association (CPCA) was established in 1989 as the voice of Connecticut’s not-for-profit community health centers. Our mission is to promote and further the delivery of comprehensive, accessible, family-oriented community-based health care. Our primary focus is education of the public, health policy makers, and health care providers.

CPCA works with community health centers and their board of directors to guarantee that primary care is accessible to all who seek it, regardless of their ability to pay. Services available from Connecticut community health centers include, but are not limited to, comprehensive primary care services, dental and mental health care treatment, chronic disease management, preventative health screenings and acute care.CPCA also serves as lead agency to 15 states in the Health Disparities Collaboratives’ (HDC) Northeast Cluster. Connecticut Primary Care Association has worked with more than 104 community health centers in the northeast to implement Health Disparities Collaborative intitiatives to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care to people with chronic diseases. Click on the HDC Success Stories box on this page for a sampling of innovative practices.

In our efforts to support the essential work of the Community Health Centers, CPCA plays an active role in health policy discussion by participating on key advisory councils and providing on-going information to Connecticut's decision-makers, elected officials and residents about the high quality health services and programs available through community health centers. In addition, we bring training and resources to community health centers to increase the quality of care and expand the array of services to meet the ever expanding need of Connecticut’s neediest residents.