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Clinical Excellence Program

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Mission Statement

The Clinical Excellence Program of the Connecticut Primary Care Association, Inc. (CPCA) provides technical assistance to Connecticut community health centers (CHCs) with the goal of ensuring access, quality, and continuity of health care so as to improve the health status of the community served by the CHCs. This is accomplished by advocating for underserved persons, sharing resources and information about state activities, and developing programs and projects to meet identified needs. CPCA’s Clinical Excellence Program is advised by the Clinical Issues Committee (CIC). The CIC is represented by a clinical leader from each CHC in the state and meets monthly.

Clinical Outcome Measures

This program was developed to foster the development of continuous quality improvement (CQI) measures at community health centers. This is achieved by tracking clinical measures through the use of chart audits. Annual audits are conducted for perinatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric lifecycles. The results are analyzed and reported to community health centers to assist in their efforts to improve quality of care for their patients. This program is funded by the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC).