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HUSKY (Healthcare for Uninsured Kids and Youth)

HUSKY (Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth) is Connecticut's public health insurance program for children and teenagers under 19. HUSKY combines three health coverage programs into one umbrella service: HUSKY A, the longstanding Medicaid program; HUSKY B, the comparatively new State Childrenís Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for children in higher-income families; and HUSKY Plus, a supplemental program for children with special physical and behavioral health needs (HUSKY Plus is available to most children enrolled in HUSKY B).

HUSKY pays for a comprehensive health care benefits package, including:
>preventive care <> > skilled nursing facility
>outpatient physician visits   >home health care
> school physical exams   >hospice care
>prescription medicines   >diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services
>inpatient hospital and physician services   > emergency care
>outpatient surgical facility services   > durable medical equipment
>mental health and substance abuse services   >eye care and hearing exams
>short-term rehabilitation and physical therapy   >dental care

The HUSKY Plan is designed to help all children who donít have health insurance.

The HUSKY Plan is administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services, in partnership with private-sector, non-profit and public organizations. HUSKY is operated like a private-sector insurance program. Once children are enrolled, a managed care organization coordinates the benefits package with the childís parents and health care providers.

For more information on HUSKY visit the official HUSKY website: www.huskyhealth.com.