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The People

Practice Where They Make a Difference
In rural and urban communities around the country, NHSC providers serve people of every race, age, and ethnic background. They find their patients have a diverse set of specific health needs, but one important thing in common: limited access to primary care. The people in the Corps are making a difference by providing care to those most in need.

Build Relationships With Their Communities
NFISC practitioners spend most of their time in direct, face-to-face patient care, developing satisfying relationships of mutual trust with their patients and bridging geographic, financial, cultural, and language barriers.

Find Satisfaction Through Autonomy and Collaboration
NHSC providers practice in settings that allow them to collaborate with other professionals, while maintaining high levels of autonomy. Using a team approach to treat the whole patient is part of the community-based health system encouraged by the NHSC.

Who is Eligible for Programs, Such as Fellowships and Competitive
Scholarships and Loan Repayment Programs?

NHSC programs are designed to draw top-notch health care practitioners into Corps service. These programs include:

<> > Fellowship of Primary Care Health Professionals. Students and residents get a chance to train with interdisciplinary teams in medically underserved areas. The Fellowship program varies from State to State, making each experience unique.
  > NHSC Scholarships. The scholarships help finance education for future practitioners who are interested in working with the underserved. In return, the graduates serve in federally designated health professional shortage areas (HPSAs), where the need is greatest
  > Loan Repayment Programs. Professionals who serve in priority HPSAs may qualify for educational loan repayments while earning their regular salaries.

Achieve Balanced Lifestyles With Good Salaries and Time for Family and Friends

NHSC providers receive competitive salaries and good benefits including malpractice coverage. Beyond their active practice, they still find time for rewarding personal, family, and community lives.

For more information this link takes you to the Update page on the NHSC Web site: http://nhsc.bhpr.hrsa.gov//news/update.cfm