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If you are a clinician and wish to apply for a position at a Connecticut Community Health Center, please check out the CPCA Job Bank. If you need information from federal agencies also involved in these programs, you may contact them directly. Or you may contact the main CPCA office or any of the health centers at their respective addresses.


The CT Primary Care Association works with community health centers to assist in the process of recruiting health care professionals to station in health professional shortage areas. Benefits such as loan repayments, financial scholarships, and competitive salaries are offered to clinicians who want to practice where they make a difference and build relationships with their communities.

Why Stay on Board?

The Connecticut Primary Care Association (CPCA) works with CHCs to retain clinicians after their service commitment to the National Health Service Corps Federal Loan Repayment Program (NHSCFLRP) and/or the Connecticut State Loan Repayment Program (CSLRP) has been completed.

By retaining clinicians in their respective Community Health Center (CHC) patients develop a more comprehensive understanding of the care they are receiving from their CHC. Clinicians receive from the Community an acceptance of appreciation for a job well done. Community Health Centers (CHCs) continually enhance their reputations for providing the best possible care for the communities they serve.

In addition, clinicians that stay after their National Health Service Corps Federal Loan Repayment Program and/or Connecticut State Loan Repayment Program commitment is completed can take advantage of these benefits:

<> > Competitive salary
  > Complete healthcare and benefits package
  > Regular working hours
  > No worry about bills that are generated while working in a private practice
  > A strong bond with patients/community is established
  > Continuity of care is established, which provides for a healthier relationship between the patient and clinician


Also, the patient benefits from the retention of clinicians at Community Health Center (CHC). For instance:

<> > Patients establish a healthy relationship with their clinician and their Community Health Center.
  > Patients become more informed and are willing to ask important questions about their healthcare.
  > Patients are provided with a convenience in getting their healthcare needs met.
  > Trust is established for the CHC and the clinicians, when a patient can get their healthcare needs met by the same clinician whenever they need medical care.